26 Mai 2011

Turning It Into A Skirt

Another one from the sartorialist: I don't think my hips would fit into the collar opening of one of my jumpers, but the idea is great! 

(picture source: thesartorialist.blogspot.com)

25 Mai 2011

Das Ist Eine Hose Für Die Wetterkenner

 Yes, I love those pants. They are perfect when the weather is changing between warm and chilly, as it was today.

24 Mai 2011

Wish I had someone to shoot my pictures. It feels strange to me to take a picture of myself with a tripod in a public parc.
This outfit is a something special, because I just wear clothes I received as a gift or I bought second hand (except for the underwear and my socks :P). Let's start from the bottom: The chucks were given to me from my dear friend M as a gift for my sabbath year, my father bought me the shorts in a HUMANA store, the blazer is from a second hand shop in Israel (it's the only thing I paid for), the top is from the same shop in Israel but I got it for free (nobody wanted it) and the bag is from my grandmother. The value of my whole (outer) outfit and accessoires is around 3€, that's the reason I love to buy from second hand. 
I know that there are not a lot of people, who are reading my blog, but if someone feels inspired by my outfit to show me an either all second hand or donated outfit or one that is under 10€, I would love to see and to publish it on the blog. You might get something from me as a gift as well...

20 Mai 2011

I Choose My Words Like Wise Man Do

Is there anyone out there, who thinks that Aserbaidschan deserved to win the Eurovision Song Contest?
I don't think so. 
This is my personal favourite.
Maybe it's not a number one hit, but it started with singing in the language of the country, has a catchy beat and his voice is beautifully dark.
The icing of the cake are the stage outfits, which are grease inspired.

19 Mai 2011

Being Like A Buttercup

Being without a computer with photoshop on it, I just take pictures in lower quality and load them up as they are. Is this enough for you? 
In the morning I wore the dress with a cardigan and grey overknees, but the further the day was going the warmer it got, so I ended up wearing it with the butterfly belt.

18 Mai 2011

Bringing Back Good Memories

This t-shirt is one of my favourites like ages. I bought it together with my friend (first picture) and wore it the first time in the night on the first two pictures. It always brings bake good memories. I really like that it has those strings to pull it up on the sides a bit, which creates a nice hem and I love the print.

17 Mai 2011

A Comic A Day Keeps The Boredom Away

 The youth in the village in Israel inspired me to wear more "oriental" looking clothes. Maybe that's why I love this dress so much.

 When the sun is coming around to light my room, you can play a bit with the shadows.

On Saturday was the "Free Comic Day" in Germany. We (my brother, my boyfriend and I) went to small comic shops, book stores and places, where you could get some comics for free. Since then I've been reading them and there are a lot of interesting narrative and artistic techniques to find, next to engrossings stories. If you haven't been a Comic person by now, take some time to browse around a comic shop in your near, it's worth it!

16 Mai 2011

The Days Of The Black Leggings

Somehow I never manage to upload an outfit picture exactly on the day, when I wore it. All the time it gave me a bad feeling. 
Yesterday I thought about it and I discovered that it doesn't matter. If I look at an outfit, I don't care about the date I care about the clothes and the inspiration. So now that this is said, let me show you the outfit I wore today:

Besides I discovered my old, perforated and black leggings and wore it for a while. I don't like black anymore, but it is still one of the most staple items of my wardrobe. It is comfortable, warms you and let's you put on everything you want. I just wish I had one in yellow, midnight blue, green, etc.

15 Mai 2011

You Don't Want It In The Gauntlet

This is me being confused about my clothes. :) Actually I don't mind searching the boxes for the piece I want to wear at the moment, whilst doing it I find clothes I forgot about, but it is quite a mess to dress your self out of boxes. 
The reason for this mess is, that I gave my old closet to my brother, because it was too small for my piles of clothing. Then my idea was to buy a nice wooden wardrobe, maybe an old one, which was restaurated. So much about the idea... It turned out I don't have a thousand Euros lying around for a wardrobe, which could be still too small in the end, so I decided I go for the cheaper but still wooden option. If everything will go right I can collect it in the middle of the coming week. It's not my desired wardrobe, but in twenty years I will have a good reason to buy a new one. 
Speaking of clothes, those pants are so comfortable, that's why I wore them three days in the row. The brother of my boyfriend called them "clown-pants", but it doesn't make them less comfortable.

12 Mai 2011

Berlin Is The Only Love

As a lot of stories today this one starts with Facebook. Around a year ago Lasse Walter started to upload pictures from Berlin on facebook, which showed funny moments and signs, graffitis, bars and everything he thought was interesting. His friends liked the photos and were waiting to see new ones everyday, so he kept on picturing. One day some friends wanted to have a calendar with his pictures as a present and after they received it, they gave him the idea of putting all of his pictures in a book.

 Kapitel 1

Lasse liked the idea, founded his own publishing company ("Smiling Berlin Verlag") and published it on his own risks in German and English. So far it is a success, probably because this declaration of love to berlin appeals to everyone: To the tourist as well as to the original Berliner.
Besides if you also have a picture, which would fit in the book, lying for ages in your desk`s drawer you are welcome to send it in. You may win a prize or it may be published in the next edition. These are some of those pictures, you can find them here.
Oranienburger StraßeMichael140404181 (1)klein.jpg_klo1 (1).JPG

(picture source: smilingberlin.com)

09 Mai 2011


Looks like this is going to be a outfitposts only blog soon. This is a result from me being still in the progress of making my room livable and beautiful. Me and my boyfriend, we put together a shelf from wooden cubes and oiled it. This task took some time, but time is what I have plenty of at the moment. 
Besides I explore my new surrounding mostly with the bycicle, think about my future life and feel a little bit melancholic. I wish I would be in Israel right now, because of the nice warm weather they are having right now. 
The pictures were taken by my boyfriend. We went to the Botanical Garden or the Garden of Britz ("Britz" is a locality of the Berlin borough Neukölln, where the BUGA took place in 1985) planted a show of tulips, which is called "Tulipan".