12 Mai 2011

Berlin Is The Only Love

As a lot of stories today this one starts with Facebook. Around a year ago Lasse Walter started to upload pictures from Berlin on facebook, which showed funny moments and signs, graffitis, bars and everything he thought was interesting. His friends liked the photos and were waiting to see new ones everyday, so he kept on picturing. One day some friends wanted to have a calendar with his pictures as a present and after they received it, they gave him the idea of putting all of his pictures in a book.

 Kapitel 1

Lasse liked the idea, founded his own publishing company ("Smiling Berlin Verlag") and published it on his own risks in German and English. So far it is a success, probably because this declaration of love to berlin appeals to everyone: To the tourist as well as to the original Berliner.
Besides if you also have a picture, which would fit in the book, lying for ages in your desk`s drawer you are welcome to send it in. You may win a prize or it may be published in the next edition. These are some of those pictures, you can find them here.
Oranienburger StraßeMichael140404181 (1)klein.jpg_klo1 (1).JPG

(picture source: smilingberlin.com)

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