24 Mai 2011

Wish I had someone to shoot my pictures. It feels strange to me to take a picture of myself with a tripod in a public parc.
This outfit is a something special, because I just wear clothes I received as a gift or I bought second hand (except for the underwear and my socks :P). Let's start from the bottom: The chucks were given to me from my dear friend M as a gift for my sabbath year, my father bought me the shorts in a HUMANA store, the blazer is from a second hand shop in Israel (it's the only thing I paid for), the top is from the same shop in Israel but I got it for free (nobody wanted it) and the bag is from my grandmother. The value of my whole (outer) outfit and accessoires is around 3€, that's the reason I love to buy from second hand. 
I know that there are not a lot of people, who are reading my blog, but if someone feels inspired by my outfit to show me an either all second hand or donated outfit or one that is under 10€, I would love to see and to publish it on the blog. You might get something from me as a gift as well...

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