15 Mai 2011

You Don't Want It In The Gauntlet

This is me being confused about my clothes. :) Actually I don't mind searching the boxes for the piece I want to wear at the moment, whilst doing it I find clothes I forgot about, but it is quite a mess to dress your self out of boxes. 
The reason for this mess is, that I gave my old closet to my brother, because it was too small for my piles of clothing. Then my idea was to buy a nice wooden wardrobe, maybe an old one, which was restaurated. So much about the idea... It turned out I don't have a thousand Euros lying around for a wardrobe, which could be still too small in the end, so I decided I go for the cheaper but still wooden option. If everything will go right I can collect it in the middle of the coming week. It's not my desired wardrobe, but in twenty years I will have a good reason to buy a new one. 
Speaking of clothes, those pants are so comfortable, that's why I wore them three days in the row. The brother of my boyfriend called them "clown-pants", but it doesn't make them less comfortable.

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