09 Mai 2011


Looks like this is going to be a outfitposts only blog soon. This is a result from me being still in the progress of making my room livable and beautiful. Me and my boyfriend, we put together a shelf from wooden cubes and oiled it. This task took some time, but time is what I have plenty of at the moment. 
Besides I explore my new surrounding mostly with the bycicle, think about my future life and feel a little bit melancholic. I wish I would be in Israel right now, because of the nice warm weather they are having right now. 
The pictures were taken by my boyfriend. We went to the Botanical Garden or the Garden of Britz ("Britz" is a locality of the Berlin borough Neukölln, where the BUGA took place in 1985) planted a show of tulips, which is called "Tulipan".

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  1. Wie kann man des mit den Farben bei s/w Bildern machen???