19 März 2010

Fashion, A Real World, A Fantasy, Still Eyes

Here are some really amazing pictures from a photographer, who (as far as I know) is just 17 years old. I wonder where he gets his ideas from. Man, I am so jealous!
Unfortunately I couldn't open his biography, so I cannot give you further details about him. But take a look at his page and find out more about this amazing person.

Hier sind ein paar wirklich tolle Bilder von einem Fotografen, der meines Wissens gerade erst 17 Jahre alt ist. Ich frage mich, woher er seine Ideen nimmt. Mann, bin ich eifersuechtig!
Leider konnte ich seine Biografie nicht oeffnen und euch deshalb keine weiteren Informationen ueber ihn geben. Aber schaut doch bitte selbst auf seine Hompepage, um mehr ueber ihn rauszufinden.

Website of mike bailey gates or his flickraccount

Drew Barrymore by Mert&Marcus for Pop Magazine

I couldn't believe it's Drew Barrymore in the first picture. 
She looks like Brigit Bardot, so pretty!

(pictures from here)

18 März 2010

Antler Vol.3 Vintage

"Richie: You dropped some cigarettes. Margot: Those aren’t mine. Richie: They just fell out of your pocket."

from POP Magazine

"The Royal Tenenbaums" is a really good movie and I always wanted to have the style and personality of Margot.
The first picture is a really got interpretation how the children could look now. The other ones are also styled well, but not very film related, which disappointed me a bit. 
"The Royal Tenenbaums" ist ein wirklich guter Film und ich wollte immer den Style und die Persoenlichkeit von Margot haben.
Das erste Bild ist eine wirklich gute Interpretation davon, wie die Kinder heute gekleidet sein koennten. Die Models in den anderen Bildern sind auch gut gestyled und fotografiert worden, aber die Bilder sind nicht so stark Film bezogen wie das erste, was mich ein bisschen enttaeuscht hat.

(picture source and more pictures here)

17 März 2010

Zara TRF February 2010 Collection

I don't know why they have this beduinheadband, but the rest is really beautiful and perfect for SS. Lately I really like flower patterns, maybe because of one of the female coworker, who wears really perfect ones.
I'd love to wear the first one right now!

Ich weiss zwar nicht, warum einige ein Band wie Beduinen um den Kopf tragen, aber der Rest ist wirklich schoen und perfekt fuer SS. Seit einiger Zeit liebe ich Blumenmuster in jeglicher Form, ich glaube weil eine Coworkerin hier tolle Blumenkleider traegt.
Ich wuerde das erste Outfit jetzt richtig gerne tragen!

(picture source and whole lookbook here)

Partey In Berlin

If you want to attend, click here.

Summer Breeze


If there's one thing, I could wish for right now, it had to be this Kenzo dress!

09 März 2010


Sometimes I also feel like just dressing beautiful, so I put on my skirt as a dress and went to work. Do you also wear your skirts as dresses?

I am wearing a red skirt from WIZO as a dress and a polka dot ribbon from Zeemann.

Manchmal fühle ich mich einfach nach etwas schönem an meinem Körper, also habe ich meinen Rock als Kleid angezogen und bin zur Arbeit gegangen?
Tragt ihr eure Röcke auch als Kleider?

08 März 2010

Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2010 Womenswear Show - Personal Review

The show begins, the music is good, but the fashion not. I don't like the colours, the jackets and the boots. But suddenly the colours are changing and I would not mind to have one of those (dark-)blue coats. Then you see brown coats, which feels good, because they you can't the buttons. A very nice detail, which gives the cut of the coats more space. Dark blue (or is it black?) is appears again and also the famous Burberry Trench makes its entrance. That's good wearable fashion and the music accentuates fine. Just what is the thing with the shoes? The models are so thin, that their legs can't fill those shoes and walking also seems to be very hard. Green comes and it looks good, although I don't like military green. By the way the shoes are looking better. Now dark blue arises again, the changing of the colour is amazing. I like the male look and the women pieces have a good cut. Now here comes my favourite part of the collection (about which as it seems to me no one wrote on the internet): something between dark purple and red. Such beautiful dresses and colours, it's really wonderful! Just those shoes look like hard to walk in. The grey and white outfits are fabulous, it feels like winter can come. Also the combination of white and blue is one of my favourites.
All in all I have to say I like this collection, but I don't know why he had to use this green and brown. In my opinion an autumn collection doesn't have to consist of just fall colours, that's why I love the red/purple/pink so much.

07 März 2010

Sealed With A Kiss


They say it's going to be war again, hopefully not.

I was wearing dark blue skinny jeans from Tally Wejl, a creme couloured shirt from "The Boutique", a checkered cardigan from WIZO and a red sailor men blazer from WIZO. 
Sie sagen es wird wieder Krieg geben, ich hoffe nicht.

Oh So Chanel

See how "fat" (normal in my eyes) Karl Lagerfeld looks. I didn't know, that a collection could be so Chanel and 80s at the same time, it's amazing.

Schaut mal, wie "dick" (oder normal in meinen Augen) Karl Lagerfeld aussieht. Ich wusste auch nicht, dass eine Kollektion gleichzeitig so Chanel und so 80er aussehen kann.