07 Oktober 2011

Blog Reference: One Portrait A Day

For a while I've been reading this blog called "One portrait a day". It's made by a photographer called Jørn Tomter, who is originally from Norwegia, has been living in Berlin for a while and moved back to London some time ago. He has set himself three simple rules for his blog:
"1) I have to photograph a person I never before have met
2) I have to photograph and post the same day
3) I always ask before I shoot"
He says about himself, that he has a passion for photographing people. He loves looking at photos of strangers shot on location and writes that by time each photograph gets even more interesting. The camera is his key to access strangers' houses, go to interesting places and tell stories.
It's interesting how much you can achieve with three simple rules and a camera. In each post he shares one picture and a little story about the person or the cirumstances of how the picture has been taken. 
For me it feels like he opens up the world a bit by showing normal every day people and their stories.

Especially the picture I have chosen to show you from his blog is so interesting and kind of different to what you can see on normal street style blogs. She wears an outfit I would love to sport, but somehow it feels that it wouldn't fit me, because my body is not as curvy as hers. Nevertheless she looks so great!

(picture source: One portrait a day)

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