18 September 2013

Free Clothes

 Sometimes I take pictures of my outfits just for fun. To capture the moment or a look even if I don't wear the clothes outside on the streets. This is one of those photos.
A friend of mine left germany to spend the term in Italy, that's why she (and she animated her sister as well) cleaned out her closet. She gave me those bags (5 !!!) and I picked the clothes I would like to keep. The rest will be getting new owners at a clothes swap party we will (hopefully) be having this term. Two of the items I kept were the skirt and this billabong hoodie jacket. 
I just love it! :)


  1. Zeig uns mal deine Wanddeko - ich bin so neugierig! Und ja, irgendwann werde ich es mal in live, äh, real sehen. ;D

    1. Ok, dann mach ich das mal die Tage. Wollte eh noch Sideboardfotos machen. :)