21 November 2010

ADAM & EVE Golden Leave

Recently I have some time, as a result from this I started going through a lot of my old magazines and cut out inspirational pictures, interesting artists/designers and fun things. 
One of the interesting artists/designers is the Swiss fashion designer Aleksandra Wisniewska. She transforms skeletons of real, botanical leaves into jewelry. Firstly, she dries the leave and dissects it as there is just the outline left over. Then she coats them with noble metals to make them durable for eternity.
Actually, she never had the intention to create her own jewelry line. Wilst doing some research for her second last winter collection, which was inspired by different leave shapes, she came across the technique of how to dissect leaves and was fascinated immediately.
You can buy her pieces online via her website A&E jewelry and on Styleserver.
There are also some shops in Switzerland and Europe, where you can find her collection. One is in 10435 Berlin in the Oderberger Stasse 49 and from Styleserver.
I will go and have a look at the shop, because I love leaves and golden jewelry. It's a divine combination.

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