10 Dezember 2011

The Importantness Of Events For W.

You have to know there are some people, who are just complaining about missin events in W. On the other hand, there are the people, who are actually doing something like planning events, which can and are taking place in W.
Such as tonight, where I went to a Singersongwriter-Festival and it was really nice. 
The first reason of why it was a good event was, that it took place in a cafe, which was closed after the husband of the married couple, who owned the cafe, died and two new cheeper cafe opened, which the wife couldn't handle alone. It has been left in a really good state, all the original furniture is still there. So I felt like I've been taken back to my grandmother's times and going with her to a cafe in vienna. I immediately wanted to order a "Schwarzwälderkirsch Torte" (blackforest cake, which they actually sold there). It's such a good idea to revive such a beautiful place and give it some meaning again.
The second reason was that the musicians were great. I heard and saw a girl, who was like the fusion of Knives Chau and Ramona Flowers (You know, from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.). We all have a major girl crush on her now. :D She and her band(s) were fantastic and she gave me the idea for a haircut.

So whoever planned this event. Please keep doing that, you are doing absolutely great!!!

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