14 Dezember 2011

Speaking Of Knitwear

Since I've been in Israel, every cold season the quest for a cardigan starts in my head. (Even though I didn't buy one over the last year.) Besides I discovered yesterday that I have no "normal" jumper to put on, maybe because I'd rather wear cardigans, but it would be nice to have one.
So this post is going to be about jumpers and cardigans I would like to have, but the probability of buying one of them is really low. One of the main reason is that I can't figure out, why I should pay a lot of money for something, which is made from acryl or other synthetic fibers. I don't like the feeling of them and I start to sweat really fast, while wearing them.
So in the end I will either go to a secondhand store, where I buy what pleases my eye, so that I forget to think about the fabric that much, or I will end up buying the one, which includes the most natural fibers. (Or I won't buy nothing, who knows? :D)

Having said this before, I just start with a hypothetical shopping spree through my favourite online shops and brands.

If I'd start with a jumper, one like that would attract my attention, because it looks extraordinary. 
Unfortunately I am too reasonable. It's just not a winter jumper, isn't it?

(50€ from Sparkle&Fade via urbanoutfitters.de)

The next one, which I nearly bought because it's 100 % cotton, is kind of perfect. The colour is amazing, it has an interesting pattern and it's made from pure natural fiber. I think it was just the fit, which didn't convince me. (49€ from COS via COS)

Same can be said for this one. (49€ COS via COS)

Every time I think about a jumper, I'd also like to have a jumper dress. Which I can throw over a pair of leggings or thights put on some boots and tadaaa: Instant outfit. :) This one could have been perfect, because it's long enough and made from merino wool, but the shape didn't convince me. (69€ COS via COS)

This could be another option, but it's partly acryl and the sleeves are too short. But the colour is so beautiful, isn't it? (118€ W By Carin Wester via urbanoutfitters)
 Some can be said for this one. (49,95€ H&M via H&M)

Or about this one. The sleeves are  a little bit longer, but still not long enough.
(59,95€ H&M via H&M)

This dress could definitely be perfect, I just didn't try it so far, because with 39€ it felt a little bit expensive. (from american apparel)

But let's think about cardigans:
You can find ones for all the season like this one. (55€ from Sparkle & Fade via urbanoutfitters)

Or some for cold winter days like those ones:
(72€ from Minkpink via urbanoutfitters)

(85€ from Staring at Stars via urbanoutfitters
 Or ones with aztecian patterns:
(63€ Sparkle & Fade via urbanoutfitters)
 Or some with a Norwegian pattern:
 (both via P&C)
 And the icing on top (even if it's a black one), aren't those strawberries the cutest? I fell in love with it!
 (63€ from Cooperative via urbanoutfitters)

Does someone wants to present me the yellow jumper, the second norwegian cardigan and the strawberry cardigan? I would be delighted. :)

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