01 Dezember 2011

"Life In Blue" Evzen Sobek

 As soon as it becomes December the good old "What should I buy as a present?" question pops up in my mind. One thing I would always be happy about receiving is a Photo Book.
This one shows the series "Life in Blue" from photographer Evžen Sobek. He documented life on the banks of a reservoir in the southern Czech Republic called Nové Mlýny. This manmade recreation area has become a second home to a lot of people, which are staying there in tents and caravans. It became a place where they have spent their vacations for decades. 
Sobek pitched up his tent in 2007 at this artificial lake to observe the life of the local residents. While doing this he asked himself, what the reason was for those people to spend their vacation in this "strange emptiness" - in a place, which is neither luxurious nor perfect.
To get some answers he accompanied the people during their daily spare time activities. The answer he found was that such a community could satisfy the need of living in companionship with each other, which may not be able in a city anymore.
The answer is interesting and the pictures are stunning, especially the blueness.
Monochromatic pictures or paintings have a kind of mesmerizing effect on me. It's something you don't see very often in daily life, which gives the picture a certain kind of specialness.
If you got interested you can find more information about the book here.

(pictures and information taken from http://www.geo.de/GEO/fotografie/fotogalerien/69603.html?p=1)

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