20 Januar 2012

Celebrating Silvester 2011/2012 - The Actual Party

 So, I discovered that I forgot to tell you about my new years eve and sylvester. 
We started the night at my friends place with some raclette, drinking, dancing, playing Twister and chit chatting.
 (Didn't she decorate the table gorgeously?)
 My friend's outfit: the dress is from Vero Moda and the hat from Gorgeous.
 My outfit: Actually the dress is in A-line shape with sequins beneath the neckline therefor it's looking like coming from the sixties, but unfortunatley you can't really see that here. It's from Mango.
And why am I so blurred???

 After a while we went to the club Steinhaus to dance into the new year.
 Around midnight we decided to go out to enjoy some of the fireworks.

 And then we headed back to the club to dance till our feet were bleeding. ;)

 Isn't here blouse adorable? It's from "Who Killed Bambi".
 (Or till we had to make a pee break. :D)

 My beautiful sister's dress is from "Who Killed Bambi", too.

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