18 Oktober 2009

The Boutique

Naturally I wanted to know where and what I can shop in israel. Last week on my day off as I had time I went shopping. I think, it's amazing that you can buy the same clothes nearly in every shopping centre or mall all over the world. There's no big difference.
I didn't shop for fun yet, because I don't have so much money. I just looked for a pair of flip flops and got a beautiful one from Rip Curl for 60% off. So I paid around 12 € for them.
I also got clothes but I didn't buy them. I told you, that I am working in the laundry. Inside the folding room there is a cupboard filled with clothes no one wants to have anymore. It's called "boutique". After I found that place full of treasures I started to check it again and again.
In the end I got one white skirt, which will be in good use on shabbat, one pair of Levi's 501 jeans, which I cut off and wear them as shorts (actually I think those are men pants, but they fit quite nice), and one bag, which I will share with my boyfriend.
Hopefully I will discover more treasure and be able to show you.

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