13 Februar 2009

Outfit Of The Day

As I was really lazy today, I decided to wear something very comfy. There is a new piece in my wardrobe namly the white skirt. I found it while browsing through our old costumes' box in the attic and fell in love with it. My new favourite colour of the moment defenitly is white! The only disadvantage of the skirt is its filthiness. I washed it twice, but the stains are really stubborn. I thought about dying it red, but I think the stains won't take in the colour, so I wear it nevertheless.
The picture has been taken by my brother in a "Spielemax"-Store, where we wanted to buy the most epic game ever: "Halli Galli". Unfortunately it wasn't available. =(
After that we went to the "Perlerei" to make my mother a bracelet as a birthdaypresent.

By the way I have made the polkadot bag by sewing a vintage tanktop at the hem together and adding some buttons.

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