29 Juni 2009

Tonight Is The Night Of Nights

No, my prom is not/hasn't been tonight, it was on saturday. But I had a blast!
It took place in the "Marriot hotel" near Potsdamer Platz on the first floor and started with a champagne reception, so we had time to greet everyone, take pictures and starting to feel dizzy.
After getting into the hall and taking our seats, "bertha's big band" played and some people of my grade danced the entrance waltz. This was great!
After (how it felt) hours we could eat food from the buffet, which tasted really good, but was made with a lot of butter...
Later, the dj started to play some dancing tunes and we danced till 2 am in the morning. Now and then, we tried to take the elevator to get on the 9th or 10th floor, which was only able with a chip card. My sister and me did it with a customer of the hotel, who wants to know, if we came from a wedding. Maybe because I looked like a bride without the stole.
Besides we spinned the world right round and had a lot of fun!!!

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