05 Februar 2013

White Paint

 Sorry, for my absence. It feels like I am always pretty busy. 
At the moment, I try to paint my flatmate's room. He left us two weeks ago and I finally decided to make his room mine. It is a bit bigger, more silent and you can go on the roof top and lie there. Especially in the summer I want to use this option. Maybe accompanied by nice people and a bottle of wine.
I started to paint the room white today. Unfortunately I have to overpaint it once more, but didn't buy enough paint. Next time I will ask an employee. 
Me and my flatmate went to buy wall paint after a trip to IKEA, that's why I probably was too exhausted to think properly. I don't enjoy going there as much as I did years ago. They sell too many cheap and poorly finished things. If it was really easy to get everything I want second hand, I'd rather buy things that way.

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