02 November 2009

Normal Day Off

(Bavarian look a like jacket-WIZO, natural mintgreen top-"The Boutique", lavan Saladintrousers-small shop near the Central Busstation, surfer flip flops-Rip Curl)

This is one of my outfits from last week. I wore this on thursday, which is my day off, because it's quite comfortable and good-looking at the same time.
But the most important thing is, that I found a secondhand store in Beer Sheva, which is cheap and really nice. It's called WIZO and is located in the Canyon near the Mall at the Central Station.
There is also a very funny point. I told you that I picked some things from "The Boutique". Today I should reorganize it, because it was very messy and put some clothes in seperate boxes. As I asked, where the sorted clothes will be delivered I was told that they end up in WIZO. So funny! I may buy clothes from the village in WIZO.
By the way, on thursday I went to the beduin market and it was really disappointing. There weren't old beduins selling a lot of old and/or antique stuff, as I imagined. There were a lot of other people selling new, cheap stuff and a lot of sweets. So I bought some sweets and went home.
Besides I bought the trousers I am wearing in a small shop at the Central Busstation from a very nice man. It costs 45 NIS about 9€ and I am very happy with them!

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