14 November 2009

Chofisch Weekend: Shabbat Outfit

One long weekend full of fun and laughter! Actually me and my boyfriend wanted to go to Jerusalem and sleeping at a friend of mine.
But my boyfriend got ill and we decided to stay in Kfar Rafael.
But we had a good time sleeping long, cooking and eating delicious things, listening to music, kneading and forming clay, chilling and just living through the day without giving schedule.
Because I had a lot of time, I thought a bit about the blog. I am going to change its appearance and my way of blogging. I think it's boring just to show you only the "good" outfits, which are rather rare because I work a lot, a lot, a lot. So whenever I have time to picture my outfit I am going to do it, whether it's "good" or not.

That were my and my boyfriend's outfits today:

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