16 Februar 2011

My Mail

 This is what was in the mail. A package from urban outfitters and the key chain from A Key For A Change
Actually, I don't really like buying clothes via the internet, because I don't know, if the size will fit me, if the quality of the fabric is good, sometimes even which fabric it is, if the colour will be the same, as seen on the picture and I enjoy putting clothes on my body to see how they appear on my body. Urban Outfitters (and maybe Topshop) is the big exception, because there is no shop in Berlin, where I can go to. That's why I have to live with the outcome. I really love the body, but probably it could be one size bigger, because it feels a tiny bit too small. One piece of underwear has totally different colour, at least in my opinion, as it appeared on the picture of the site. Still I love all the pieces and will wear them happily.
I am just appealing to the online seller: Please, describe your clothes more accurately. It helps a lot, if you know the measurements of the clothes or even of the model and the size she is wearing on the picture.

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