26 Februar 2012

One Cold Sunday

 Today was my first relaxed and sunny sunday in Berlin, that's why me and my sister S. decided to have a look at the fleamarket on the RAW-Gelände (official website). It was the first time for my sister (I kind of convinced her). Strange thing was that it was really small. Maybe it was so empty because of the weather, maybe because we've been there only after 3 pm. 

 We didn't bother, just took some pictures and moved on to the fleamarket at the Boxhagener Platz.

 There was this woman in a wonderful cardigan. I think you can understand, why I couldn't resist to take a picture of her.


 After eating some falafel, hummus and schawarma. We walked back over the Warschauer bridge, while watching the sunset. 


  1. Wie du gehst ohne mich Falafel essen? Lass uns zusammen zu Boussi Falafel am Nollendorfplatz gehen. Wann hast du Zeit??? :)

  2. Ja meine Eltern gehen so gerne essen, weil sie dann nicht kochen müssen. Das war aber reiner Zufall, dass wir da gelandet sind. S. hat mir neulich davon erzählt, dass du bei dem Falafelladen war, aber sie dachte, er hieße Baby Falafel. Wie bist du denn auf den gekommen?