18 Juli 2011

Music Monday: Ariel - Stateless

Thinking about doing it for a while, I thought the idea of a 'Music Monday' could be an interesting one. 
Lately, I've gotten a lot of new music impressions. One of them was and is Ariel from Stateless.  It's the first single they release on 'Ninja Tune' (a record label my boyfriend is telling me a lot about lately) and the first song I've been listening to from them. With the song Stateless is exploring the eternal struggle within all of us, the battle between good and bad, imagined here as a fight between the protagonist, the titular Ariel, and the Devil.
What intrigued me most was the music video. The design studio FIELD recorded an improvised dance using motion capture technology, and digitally animated a beautiful visual accompaniment to the original track's futuristic electronic soundscape.
How they actually did it can be seen in this video:

As an extra here is a remix, which is taking the best part of the song and making it a somehow different experience.


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