16 Juli 2011

Fashion Station 2011: A Look Back

 As I told you, I went to the Fashion Station. Me and my sister had a great time, while watching a fashion show and browsing through all the fashion labels inside the underground train. 
I like it, that the BVG is coming up with such kind of events.The underground train is such a big part of Berlin that it would be a shame, if the BVG wouldn't make room for fashion or art. They closed one platform of the U5 for public transportation. So that on one track in a (not moving) train was room for about 14 fashion labels from Berlin to present and to sell their collections. 

 In the middle of the platform a tent with two catwalks has been built. During the day every two hours you could see a fashion show with pieces of three labels from the Fashion Station. The following pictures are from one of those shows. (I didn't take pictures of the first label stoffbruch.)
The second label was Hexenstich. Heike Neugebauer has made it her task to make women without mannequin shape looking good. As you can see she is really good at it.

 Those perfect fitting, beautiful red Marlene trousers are made by zehnle von langsdorff. Since 2003 Tina Zehnle and Yvonne von Langsdorff have been measuring more than 1000 women. From this experience they develop trousers, which are fitting perfectly and are reasonably priced.

All in all, it was a great event and fun to be there. The models did a really great show. Just the train could have been a little big wider and the lighting better, but that's how it is in an underground train...

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