20 Juni 2010

There She Is: Bold

So this is the bomb, which I am waiting to letting explode for a while: I have short hair now.
Ever since I was young I didn't really feel female or girly or however you want to call it. I always had problems with how I look like and if I am not to boyish. Over the years it changed and I got more into dressing and fashion, but there are still those doubts. My blond hair helped me a lot to feel more like a girl/woman, but it also gave me problems, when it didn't look good or when my pony was not cut good. All I want is to find my inner beauty inside me not outside me and this is why I cut my hair. The safety of being blond and beautiful is gone and you see my face how it is. Without any frame in all its pureness. 
First it was quite a shock for me and I didn't feel comfortable. Also a lot of people came to me and had to comment on it in either a good or bad way. But now I really like it! I can leave the house without one thought about my hair and I feel that I am more free now and more open to experiment (also in fashion).
What are your thoughts?

(Sorry that's just in English, but I don't have the power right now to write it also in German.)


  1. Wow, mutig. Ich finde das steht dir sogar sehr gut. Ganz ehrlich, vielleicht sogar besser als vorher, mir gefällt es & dein Kleid ist auch toll...

  2. RIKE! Was hast du getan... O.o r Krasser scheiß... Aber ich glaube, wenn man sich erstmal dran gewöhnt hat, siehts gut aus ;)

  3. Wow, das ist wirklich mutig! Eigentlich mag ich kurze Haare ja gar nicht, aber als ich gelesen habe, warum du sie geschnitten hast, fand ich das schon ziemlich toll! Gefällt mir! :)