22 Juni 2010

The Black Dress


While searching something I found this blog "The Black Dress". 
It's this girl, who is wearing black dresses, specially created from designers, differently everyday by layering different pieces under/over it or pairing accessories with it for one year. All these items are from handmade artists. The artists donate/lend these items for the project. If the artist chooses to donate the item to the project then after it is used it will be posted for sale in the online shop, so that reader can buy it. Besides all the proceeds from the shop go toward Noah’s Ark Orphan Care Center.
This is what she is writing about it:
"I'm wearing a black dress everyday for 365 days!! To raise funds for orphans in Malawi. Want to make a donation? 
100% of donations go to Noah's Ark Orphan Care Center in Malawi, Africa."
Now tell me, isn't this an amazing idea?
Go to here blog and donate or buy something!

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