28 Januar 2011

Susie Bubble Is Monkiing Around On Monki.tv

on Monki.

As you all now Monki launched monki.tv this month and started with Susie Bubble from Stylebubble. This is the third part of the segment about and with her and I think it's the most interesting so far, as you can have a look at her wardrobe. It's absolutely stunning how many clothes she has, how she organizes them and that she puts her tops in file cupboards, because they are the only ones, which can bear the weight. 
I love her style, her bubbly personality and that she is taking fashion serious, but that on the other hand she can speak about herself and fashion and inside the fashion world ironicly. Her blog was the first blog I was reading and she is inspiring me in so many ways, I can't describe.

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