09 Januar 2011

Red Shade, Green Shade, Black Shade Will Never Fade

 Dr.Hauschka Lipstick
Inspired by a dear friend of mine (Thanks, M!) and because I tried one by chance in a "Bio company" supermarket, I bought a lipstick made by Dr. Hauschka in deep red (the german colour and number is 06 dunkelrot). The lipstick is covering well, is not parching my lips and is made with natural ingrediences, so I am not eating oil after I applied it.

Because this lipstick made me happy, I kept on searching for other colours, for example pink, which the company Dr Hauschka doesn't sell. While searching I came across the company IKOS, which is known for their Egyptian styled cosmetic articles. The items, which caught my eyes, were those lipsticks:
They are made in really strange colours, don't they? 
My first thought was: "Who is going to wear green, black or blue lipstick?" Then I came across the explanation on their website:
When applied this lipstick is colourless however depending on your mood and individual temper it changes its colour. Special, nurturing agents are sensitive to the acid content of your skin. Live to see these unrivalled colour effects. Lasts up to 12 hours. Prevents the drying-out of the lips and doesn't fade.
In my opinion this is fun! I would love to have the white or green one, which will be pearly-pink and night pink.  

Besides they have those in their sortiment:
These unique lipsticks are made up of two halves. One side is kiss-proof, the other a stylish shade. Use each side separately or mix the colours.
 I still wonder, how you will apply just one colour separately, but together you could paint nice patterns. Where is my white/wild rose one?

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  1. Dr. Hauschka is my FAVORITE. Wonderful products that are good for your skin, beautiful colors. Great find.