07 Januar 2011

Let's Have Some Fun

Knock, knock: It's me!

I took a little break to get some energy and get away from the Internet. This means I didn't buy any clothes in December (except a bathing suit and a warm woolen tuque, which I both needed), didn't check on any blogs and kept my Internet addiction to a minimum. It was a real relief and I am glad that I succeeded. 
Temporarily I will have to deal with getting my driver licence, which is kind of difficult to me, because some times I am doing really fine and something I am sucking hard. 
Other things, which will keep me busy, are that my family needs to find a house (long story...) and to apply for a university. 

Besides I want to change myself a little:
  • Buy less clothes and if I need some to buy them from "green" shops, like Hessnatur or waschbär, or second hand.
  • Sew clothes myself. (I did a dress all alone, which will post soon. I am so happy, that I managed to sew it!)
  • Write more about the topic of "green" clothes, ideas and labels on the blog.
This was flying around my head for some time and I wanted to write it off my chest.

 Over the years changing a lot of blogger did a style review or posted interesting things, which are shown on the pictures. To see the source click on the picture.

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