14 Oktober 2010

"Ich schwör auf meine Collegejacke..."

My sister is one of a kind!
The other day she told me about a lot of stylish-looking people she sees on her way to university. They have one thing in common, which is their college jacket. 
In Hamburg we also saw people wearing them everywhere in every possible style. Of course, she started to want one and of course all the ones in the shops were really expensive. 
Because of that I will browse through the Internet to find an affordable one and I will present my results here.
So, the first hint I got was from the "Glamour" (10/10). They wrote about it as a new trend and they pointed out two sources: First vintage shops (I didn't find cheap jackets there, did you?) and second the site thejacketshop.com. Some minutes ago, I visited it and discovered that they have nice jackets in green, but those are still quite pricey. Here are the results:
 The first and second version with white and yellow sleeves are about 169€, probably because the sleeves are made from cow leather. But you can let them sew one or two letters on it in one or two colours, if you pay a little extra charge.
 The third version without leather is about 149€. Still too expensive, in my opinion.
There were just two options left in my search: Win one for her on the same site or keep on searching. The winning option sounded good, but could take a little while. You would need to design your one jacket in thejacketshop.com and with a little bit luck you could win that one at the end of the month.
I thought it's too risky and would take too long, so I looked at the next hint, which came from my brother Cain. He told me that you could get one on the "K.I.Z."-Homepage (German rappers) with your own city sewn on it.
This is the jacket, which costs about 100€, but it doesn't come in green and I don't know if my sister likes "K.I.Z." that much... So the search went on:
The next thing I did, was to google "college jacke grün" in the German "Google" and to hope for the best.
What I found was this jacket, which costs about 39,90€. It doesn't come with leather sleeves, but I think it's perfect for this price. What do you think? You could buy it here.
So all I am doing now is sending my sister a link to this post and hoping it will make her happy. 
If you have any other suggestions, please comment, I am happy to get more hints!

(The quote in the headline is from "Prinz Pi" from the Song "Instinkt".)

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