28 November 2011

That Rose Pattern

 You may not see it at first glance, but in the last time it feels like my life is just based on chance. I went home (to Berlin) over the weekend and it was pur coincidence that I saw my hair straigthener and thought something like: "Oh, I may try it again." I didn't straighten my hair but curled it around the hair-ends and it turned out pretty nice.
It was pure chance, that there was enough fabric left over from my curtains so that I could make a skirt out of it.

Honestly, I think life is just a chain of sequenced coincidences, but I can live along with this thought, if the outcoming is a contenting one. ;)
 It was good and weird to come back to Berlin. My room is quite empty now and my parents changed some things in the bathroom, which feels strange to me. But I forgot how nicely quiet my room is in comparison to the room here. 
 The first time I tried to make the skirt, I ended up sewing a pencil skirt, which I am going to finish in December, when I figured out how.
What I did to sew this full skirt was just whipping the hem, sewing it together to a tube and then adding an elastic band. Unfortunately, it is a little bit too loose, but I could wear it on my hips, too. So it didn't come out too bad.
 What I love the most about it, is the pattern. It's quite funny to wear a skirt, which matches your curtains. 
The first time I wore it outside was, while attending the fluxfm (former motorfm) work party with my sister, which was a blast!