22 November 2011


RUBBER OFFICIAL TRAILER ! from oizo mr on Vimeo.

[first lines]
Lieutenant Chad: In the Steven Spielberg movie E.T., why is the alien brown? No reason. In Love Story, why do the two characters fall madly in love with each other? No reason. In Oliver Stone's JFK, why is the President suddenly assassinated by some stranger? No reason. In the excellent Chain Saw Massacre by Tobe Hooper, why don't we ever see the characters go to the bathroom or wash their hands like people do in real life? Absolutely no reason. Worse, in The Pianist by Polanski, how come this guy has to hide and live like a bum when he plays the piano so well? Once again the answer is, no reason. I could go on for hours with more examples. The list is endless. You probably never gave it a thought, but all great films, without exception, contain an important element of no reason. And you know why? Because life itself is filled with no reason. Why can't we see the air all around us? No reason. Why are we always thinking? No reason. Why do some people love sausages and other people hate sausages? No fucking reason.
Cop Xavier: [honks the horn] Come on! Don't waste your time explaining that garbage. Let's go!
Lieutenant Chad: Just a minute, let me finish.
[looks back at the audience]
Lieutenant Chad: Ladies, gentlemen, the film you are about to see today is an homage to the "no reason" - that most powerful element of style.
[pours his glass of water on the ground before getting back into the trunk of the police car] 

One of the best things about studying is that I get to meet a lot of people, who are all coming from different backgrounds and therefor have totally different ideas and thoughts about things. There are two things I love to get inspired by other people: One is music and the other is movies. Sometimes those two things go hand in hand together. I mean what is a movie without the soundtrack and what is a good song without a musicvideo? 
One of my student colleagues loves Justice as much as I do, but (as always) he is more obsessed with them. I somehow seem to have lost my ability of being obsessed with things at some point in my life. But hopefully some day it will come back as suddenly as I lost it.
Anyways, we watched a movie together called "Rubber" directed by Quentin Dupieux (who is also well known as Mr Oizo, who created Flat Eric). It's about a tire, who after he discovers his destructive telepathic powers, soon sets his sights on a desert town; in particular, a mysterious woman becomes his obsession. The reason why my friend knew about this particular movie is that Mr Oizo teamed up with Gaspard Auge from Justice for the soundtrack. So you can expect really good music during this movie.
Honestly, I don't think this movie is one the general public would like to enjoy. It has a confusing maybe even somehow disturbing plot, eventhough in the first few minutes the movie explains itself through Lieutnand Chad (as you can see in the quote above). So if you can get used to the thought that there is absolute no reason for anything in this movie, it does make sense. Actually, it didn't bother me so much, because you see great and beautiful pictures, well set camera angles and the soundtrack is amazing. All in all, a movie which I am grateful about that I could enjoy it, even if it left me with a feeling of "What the fuck?". If you are able to see it one day, take the chance, it's worth it!

RUBBER SOUNDTRACK TEASER from oizo mr on Vimeo.


  1. Finally you followed my example, but didn't remember my advice, did you?
    We were making great fun of people who rented this movie, because they never seemed to be aware of what would expect them. It was standing in the "Empfehlung des Monats"-Corner, but probably I was the only one enjoying it, or even watching it till the bitter end :)

  2. :)
    You are right, I didn't remember it.