04 November 2011


One of the things I am getting in touch with more is art science. That's why I thought it could be interesting to start to share some art and artists with you. Eventhough fashion is in a way some kind of art, too.

To start with I discovered this picture via THE YEAR IN PICTURES and was taken from the New York Times. The photograph on the left came into being after Nan Goldin has been given free access to the The Louvre on the days it was closed to the public. 
The painting on the right is from 1855 and the artist is Ary Scheffer.
This comparison shows one thing that you might already know and which was brought me close on thursday: Most of the artists get inspiration from other artists or maybe even from art made by themselves.  It's not like they make a painting or a photograph out of nothing. I just think it's a sedating thought.
Actually, I thought about doing something like that, too. Look at photographs or painting I like and try to do a new piece in my way.

What I like most about the photograph are the hidden faces. It could be every body on this picture.

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