14 Dezember 2008

Weekend is over...

The weekend is going to end and my exhausting days as a student will start again. pfh... But whatever.^^

Not long ago, I went with my boyf and my brother to a secondhandshop called "Garage". It's one undergroundstation away from Kurfürstendamm in the Ahornstraße 2, 10787 Berlin. The "Garage" is probably Berlin's biggest second-hand shop, with an enormous selection of jeans, evening dresses, shoes, shirts, blouses, skirts and hats, etc. The unique thing about this shop is that the clothes are priced according to weight (13€/kg). But they also have an fixed price section. I was very excited about going there, because I wanted to do it for a while, but hadn't the time to do it.
In my opinion the store is very cool equipped and porated. The atmosphere is nice and there are really a LOT of clothes. I found two things: a skirt and a top in white with lace at the seam. The top is really beautiful, but I'm not so sure about the skirt anymore.
While I was browsing through the women section, the boyf and my brother were looking after the ugliest clothes to play dress up with them. They ended up trying on fur coats for women. It was really funny!
All in all you can say that there are many clothes at low prices, but mainly for people with special and extraordinary taste, who are (as my boyf would call them) a bit crazy in a nice way and (for me) dressing very individually.
Unfortunately I forget to take a picture of the whole store but you may get an idea by looking at this picture: (looks like he's gonna live in moscow =D)

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