20 Dezember 2008

Christmas Means Illness =(

Today it's the first day of my christmasholidays and I am ill!!! Can't believe it! And after lying in my bed since friday morning I decided to get up and do something. I put on an illness outfit, which is very comfortable and began to wonder about the trousers. I got them from my mother, who bought them on sale without trying them on (she always does this, I can't understand it!!!). At home she recognized the "strange" crop and gave it to me. The other day I found them in my wardrobe and tried them on. I just have one question: "Are these trousers too big for me?" I hope you can answer my question. I can't make a decision.
Here is my "being ill"-outfit. Sorry for the black painting, but my room is in a mess, so I just painted it over. =D And I had to take the picture through my broken mirror, because nobody is at home right now.

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