04 September 2012

Ringe Vom Kaugummiautomaten

 The other day my brother, my sister and me went to a DRK secondhand shop, which is located in the Seestraße 55, 13347 Berlin. As you may know I love Kilo-Secondhand shops. My favourite ones raised the price per kilo, that's why I searched for alternate shops and I found this one. 
DRK stands for Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross). They get the clothes from donations and are financing their projects from the sale's profit. 
Inside the shop there is a kilo and a fixed price section for clothes and you can search through cupboards of old books.
The shop is a little bit unorganized as you are used to at second hand shops, but they created little corners, where they are displaying accessoires etc. and fashion posters are hanging on the wall. It is decorated heartily.
I found a red top and a black velvet pencil skirt for 5 €. I can only recommand it to you to stop buy and have a look.

 After the shop we went to Schraders to have dinner. It is located in the Malplaquetstr. 16b in
13347 Berlin. So if you ever happen to be hungry in Wedding stop by. They make really delicious food.

 And then something magical happend. For years and years I was and am complaining that there are no gumball machines any more, where you can buy rings. I never got one as I was a child, but was dreaming about it. So my search went on and on and on this day we found one!
Strangely they are not as they have been packed in plastic balls, so I am not sure if they are there by chance. Besides we tried it and didn't get one. But one day I will come with a lot of change and will get my ring.


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