03 September 2012

Music Monday: "Thrift Shop - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis"

The other day my brother showed me this music video.
It is the newest song from Macklemore, an american rapper/hip hop artist, and his producer Ryan Lewis.
In it's biography it is said:
"Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ music is distinct for channeling cultural moments and refreshingly self-aware testimony through candid lyricism and expertly crafted composition. [...]
acklemore’s freshman release in 2005, Language of My World, featured production by Rhymesayer’s Budo and was well-received by circles who noted Macklemore’s fresh perspective and a striking balance of insight and levity. After several subsequent years of artistic stagnation and frustration due to substance abuse, Macklemore made a commitment to sobriety with a newfound, more intrinsic dedication to his music. The catalyst to this change was establishing a partnership and ongoing collaboration with Ryan Lewis, an accomplished, consummate artist in design, photography, and production, who also acts as Macklemore’s touring DJ."

As it is about thrift shops in general (and Goodwill in particular) and I am a huge fan of second hand clothes, I thought I'd share it with you. I think it's a good song, which shows that you don't have to buy new (as in new fabricated) clothes to create a good look. Besides buying second hand can be cheap and it is environmentally friendly.
Actually, I wish there would be stores like Goodwill in Germany. The only ones, which I can think of to be similar to it, are charity shops like HUMANA or DRK secondhand shops. But it's rare to find clothes for 99 Cent there. Or did you make other experiences?

(quote taken from https://www.facebook.com/Macklemore/info)

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