11 Mai 2009

Promdress Crusz

Last week I started to have a life again after having my last written exam. My first thing to do was finding a promdress. So on friday I met two friends, who were also looking after a dress, and went to a promdress shop near Oranienburger Straße named crusz. The idea of buying a dress there didn't attract me first, but as I stepped inside (you have to go to the cellar-vault) my doubts were gone. There was a whole cellar full of clothes, corsets and everything else you may (or may not necessary) need, like shoes or nipple tape. We spent many hours searching and then trying on dresses, short or long, and had a lot of fun. The staff was nice, unabstrusive and very helpful.

In the end, every one of us found a dress at a price range from 90€ to 200€.

To sum it up: Everyone of us is lucky now and we can recommend the boutique with clear conscience!
(I am sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, but the lighting was like it will be at a prom and I don't like the flashlight that much.)

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  1. Cool! the dresses are all beautiful. It's difficult to choose which dress is the best. Thanks for posting, I am on a lookout for the big night two months from now and i wanted to have a list of designs to choose from. thanks.

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