25 Mai 2009

Face Hunter vs The Sartorialist

Face Hunter

The Sartorialist

Today I want to compare two streetstyle-fashionblogs: Face Hunter versus The Sartorialist.
The Face Hunter shoots every where around the world very often in London and stems from France as his accent sounds like.
The Sartorialist shoots also in every possible place around the world very often in New York, Milan, Paris and Australia.
Those two blogs are my favourite streetstyle blogs and I think they are very inspiring. But I think there are some main differences between them.
The first difference is in my opinion the quality of the pictures. I think, the Sartorialist takes better pictures than the Face Hunter, probably because he is a photographer in full time now. But I like the pictures from both.
The second and as far as I can see greatest difference is the people's style they are shooting.
The Sartorialist mainly takes pictures of people with a similar style as his one. I don't think it's a bad idea, because it is a great style as you can the on the pictures below: It's classical elegance.
Besides he works as a fashion editor, a photographer, dad or himself searching for inspire, so it's standing to reason to take those pictures. By the way, I like them.
So, what is my problem with them?
It's not that I have a real problem, I just think sometimes it's a bit boring to see mainly (he also takes pictures of other people) elegant and as it seems perfect dressed people. In my humble opinion those clothes doesn't show much personality.
And that's the point where the Face Hunter comes into play: He shoots photographies of people, who dress to express their personality. That's why I like the photos so much.
Nevertheless I like to say, that I really love both blogs and wouldn't prefer one to the other. But for the above-mentioned reason I will always follow both blogs.
Furthermore they are both breaking their taking pictures habit from time to time and you can't nail them down on what I wrote.
Maybe those two aren't comparable at least, but this was on my mind and I liked to share it with you!

(source: facehunter.blogspot.com, sartorialist.com)

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