30 Mai 2012

Unexpected Heat

 There are certain things in life, which will happen to you and afterwards you will think, why didn't this take place before. 
One of those things is, in my opinion, that you live your house, apartement, etc... expecting it to be a cold day. But the further you walk away with no intention to come back before night you discover that it is freaking hot. So to save me of melting away I decided to get a new outfit. This is what came out of my sudden shopping tour and changing afterwards in a rest room.


  1. OMG dieser weiße Body (?) mit den Punkten ist ja mal über sexy! Gefällt mir totaaaaaaal :) Ich finds auch super, dass du immer so "ausgefallene" Sachen trägst, die bei dir einfach gut aussehen :) Geiles Ding!!!!
    Daumen hoch :D