04 Februar 2010

Last Life's Stuff

During the last few month in Israel, I moved from my "home" (room) more often (3 times now) than ever in my whole life. My actual room should be the final home now.
The outfit picture has been taken a wee while ago in the last place I lived. It was a very nice nearly new (4 years old) apartment house and I really missed it in the beginning. Now I have one corridor with two rooms one bathroom and toilet for myself, which makes me really happy.

I wore black vagabonds (my batman shoes), winered aladinpants, a creme white shirt from "The Boutique" (probably homemade from a pillow case), a black string from a esprit shirt, an indian style scarf from "The Boutique", a black cardigan from H&M and a black and grey striped cap from H&M.

Über die letzten paar Monate hier in Israel habe ich häufiger mein Zimmer gewechselt (3 mal), als ich jemals in Deutschland umgezogen bin (null mal). Mein jetztiges Zimmer sollte mein bleibendes sein, hoffe ich.
Das Bild wurde schon vor einer Weile in meinem letzten "Zuhause" geschossen: Einem ungefähr vier Jahre alten Apartmenthaus, das ich am Anfang ziemlich vermisst habe. Mittlerweile ist mir aber aufgefallen, dass ich jetzt mit meinem Freund alleine in einem Korridor wohne, der aus zwei Zimmern, einem Badezimmer mit Toilette und noch einer Toilette besteht. Das ist viel besser als vorher!


  1. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Hahahaha..Yes, I actually got the name "Lactose Intoler-Art" because I have a dairy allergy. Actually, I can have Lactose, and am just severly allergic to anything with milk in it. However, I still thought it was somewhat applicable, and the name was quirky/funny, so I thought it would fit well.

    Haha..So where do you live? Why is it the best place to live for that? haha. I would guess somewhere in Asia before seeing your blog, because as I've discovered, a lot of asian food does not contain milk! :)

    Thanks again for your interest in the blog.

  2. Oh, and by the way, I LOVE your style, its truly great.