17 August 2009

Emma Watson:New Styleicon?

As you all may know Karl Lagerfeld declared Emma Watson to be his muse and made her the face of Chanel.
These days you can see her in the Burberry winter 09/10s campaign. I came across it in Vogue Deutsch September. I wanted to show you one campaign picture in particular, because her expression reminds me of the expressions she has in the movies and film posters, but I can't find it on the Internet. So I will take a picture of it and show it to you.
I don't know why Burberry picked her to be the new face of the campaign, I think she looks too young, too self conscious and doesn't go with the male models.
But maybe it feels wrong because she is famous. I don't like it, when celebrities work as a model, because you just look at the person and not the clothes anymore. Models should give clothes the space to develop their beauty or uniqueness not the other way round.
Nevertheless here are some of the pictures:
Emma Watson für Burberry A/W 09/10

(source: burberry.com)

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